Burgon & Ball RHS Stainless Steel Mid-Handle Trowel

The RHS Mid-Handle Trowel has been designed and made to a high standard for keen gardeners, the long handle gives greater leverage for tougher jobs.

Burgon & Ball
£11.50 (£9.58+VAT)


The Burgon & Ball RHS Stainless Steel Mid-Handle Trowel is made from high quality stainless steel with a 100% FSC approved wooden handle. The trowel has a deep dish that provides a larger capacity.

The tang (neck) of the trowel is precision forged to be at the optimal ergonomic working angle for gardening. The sturdy construction makes it ideal for tougher gardening jobs, while the long handle gives greater leverage.

The RHS mid-handle trowel is 7cm wide and has an overall length of 48cm.