Burgon & Ball RHS Stainless Steel Dandelion Weeder

The RHS Dandelion Weeder is based on a traditional design and provides a highly effective weed removal method that does not require any harsh chemicals.

Burgon & Ball
£7.90 (£6.58+VAT)


The Burgon & Ball RHS Stainless Steel Dandelion Weeder is a traditional and high effective method of removing tap-rooted weeds such as dandelions without the use of harsh chemicals. The sharp point makes penetrating the ground very easy, while the notched "V" enables you to cut off roots deep underground, ensuring that they do not regrow.

The handle of the Dandelion Weeder is made from 100% FSC approved wood and has been finished to be both soft and comfortable. The dandelion weeder is 2cm wide and has an overall length of 36cm, so you can get down to even the deepest rooted weeds.