Burgon & Ball FloraBrite™ Pink Hand Trowel

The handle of the FloraBrite™ hand trowel is coloured to contrast with all types of foliage, making it almost impossible to lose in the garden.

Burgon & Ball
£7.90 (£6.58+VAT)


The Burgon & Ball FloraBrite™ Hand Trowel features a brightly coloured handle that has been specially designed to show up even in dense foliage as well as reflective highlights that glow under torchlight.

The FloraBrite™ trowel is robustly made and the tang (neck) is precision forged to be at the optimal angle for working ergonomically. The trowel has a deep dish for a maximum load.

The FloraBrite™ Trowel is 7cm wide and has an overall length of 30cm.

  • Endorsed by the RHS
  • GIFT OF THE YEAR 2017 Finalist
  • Fluorescent pink handle prevents the trowel being lost