Burgon & Ball FloraBrite™ Pink Hand Fork

The handle of the FloraBrite™ hand fork is coloured to contrast with all types of foliage, making it almost impossible to lose in the garden.

Burgon & Ball
£7.90 (£6.58+VAT)


The Burgon & Ball FloraBrite™ Hand Fork is bright and colourful in design so as to show up in dense foliage. Featuring reflective highlights that glow under torchlight, the FloraBrite™ range is almost impossible to lose track of throughout a long day's work. The fork has hardened and tempered prongs that can stand up to tough gardening work.

The tang (neck) has been precision forged to ensure it is at the optimal ergonomic working angle.

The FloraBrite™ Fork is 8cm wide and has an overall length of 29cm.

  • Endorsed by the RHS
  • GIFT OF THE YEAR 2017 Finalist