Burgon & Ball RHS Gift Set Chrysanthemum Hand Tools

The Burgon & Ball Chrysanthemum Hand Tools Gift set features two high quality hand tools made from stainless steel and 100% FSC approved wood.

Burgon & Ball
£16.20 (£13.50+VAT)


The Burgon & Ball Hand Tools Gift Set contains a Burgon & Ball RHS Hand Trowel and a Burgon and Ball RHS Hand Fork, both finished with powder blue handles and presented in a printed gift box.

The tangs (necks) of both fork and trowel are precision forged to be at the optimal angle for ergonomic gardening and both have sturdy construction that will easily stand up to the rigours of gardening. The fork has hardened, tempered prongs for extra durability.

The trowel is 7cm wide and has a deep dish for a maximum load, while the fork is 8cm wide.

Additionally, the head of the trowel is engraved with "The love of gardening is a seed once sown, that never dies".