Product Focus - Skellerup Quatro Sport Insulated Welly

3rd Oct 2017

Product Focus


New for Autumn/Winter 2017 is the Quatro Sport insulated welly from Skellerup. This new boot has been extensively developed within the UK market to withstand all the challenges that a welly in Britain will face. Be it grassland, wading through streams or withstanding manure, the Quatro Sport has been trialed and tested to withstand everything that can be thrown at it.


The Quatro Sport uses the same technology as the original Quatro welly, however several new features have been added to make the Quatro Sport a much more versatile welly.

Firstly, the colour has been changed to green! Traditionally the Quatro has always been black and this is due to a number of factors, including how UV stable rubber compounds are when mixed with different pigments. Developing a green rubber compound that would remain resistant to manures, agricultural chemicals and UV presented quite an issue. It was only after significant trials that Skellerup were happy to introduce the new colour, confident that they had the right compound for a hard wearing welly.

A redesigned toe cap gives the new Quatro Sport a less industrial profile. The result is that they're excellent for working in all day and look good enough for wearing as Sunday best! Other visual changes include an adjustable gusset, allowing the boot to expand or contract for different calf sizes. The reinforced nylon strap then allows you to pull the boot tight to your calf, particularly useful when walking through long grass or straw, preventing things falling down the leg. An elasticated top band helps to reinforce this further. Lastly for aesthetic changes, the Quatro Sport is 3 inches taller than the standard Quatro, giving more coverage and allowing for deeper wading.

Neoprene insulation has been a feature in premium wellies for a number of years now and this boot is no exception. With a full foam neoprene lining, the Quatro Sport boasts a comfort range of -25°C up to 25°C. This neoprene insulation is brilliant at keeping feet warm in cold weather. Neoprene can have a tendency however to cause wear issues when used for exceptional lengths of time. Being aimed at those who cover large distances in wellies, the Quatro Sport features an internal reinforced lining over the foot and on the heel, to prevent any neoprene wear and keep the boots comfortable for longer.

Ankle Locking Design

Skellerup Quatros all have an ankle locking design that keeps the foot in place once on. This design makes the Quatro especially comfortable for walking as it prevents the heel from lifting as with traditional wellies. With the foot fixed in place, heel rubbing is prevented and blisters are reduced as a result. This design isn't often seen in rubber footwear and for those who have ever lost a welly in the mud, it comes as a lifesaver!


Skellerup, founded in 1910, has been creating footwear for decades. They combine well-made, had-wearing footwear with unparalleled comfort. The footbed within the Quatro range of wellies uses a contoured ergonomic design with raised heel and arch support to provide exceptional foot support. A raised Politec® shock absorbing pad in the heel helps prevent fatigue and gives a spongy step to hard terrain such as concrete and stone. As well as the physical comfort of the Skellerup footbed, it utilises a moisture wicking lining and antibacterial properties including activated charcoal to prevent odour. 


The Skellerup Quatro Sport represents a significant amount of research and development and has been developed in conjunction with those who wear wellies all day, every day. If you're after a comfy pair of boots that can cope with extremes of temperature and hard-wear, look no further.