A Summer of Weather Extremes

19th Jul 2013

DSC00445I can't speak for everyone, but here in deepest darkest Derbyshire we've had an interesting few weeks of weather! 3 weeks of clear skies and 30 degrees was probably the highlight for most.

The sunshine has made a lovely change to the traditional British summer and produced excellent hay this year. But sadly the rain has arrived! We've had 10 days of heavy rain, flash floods and thunderstorms. Excellent for grass growing, not excellent for the barbecue I had planned last weekend. It doesn't look like it will get any better over the next week either. More showers and thunderstorms but at least it isn't cold!


So to those of you who are still sat out in the sun, I'm extremely jealous.
To those who have just walked in soaked to the skin, the waterproofs can be found under personal protection!