Amblers FS32 Safety Boots

A new member of the ever popular Amblers Steel range of safety footwear, the Amblers FS32 is a stylish waterproof hiker-style boot incorporating a steel midsole, loop lacing system and hardwearing rubber/phylon composite sole. Also with rubber toe and heel guards.

£55.00 (£55.00)


The Amblers FS32 safety boot has been manufactured conform to the ISO20345 standard, and provides toe protection against 200 Joule impacts, midsole penetration resistance to 1100 Newtons. The rubber/phylon composite sole ensures a slip resistant, durable boot, compliant with SRC slip regulations. The rubber toe and heel guards work to prevent scuffing, where an exposed toe cap could be dangerous. Mir-Tex lining ensures that the FS32 is waterproof, whilst still remaining breathable.

  • Fully waterproof
  • 1100 Newton penetration resistant midsole
  • 200 Joule impact resistant toe cap
  • Rubber phylon sole 
  • Rubber toe and heel guards