Skellerup Red Band Calf Length Gumboots

The Skellerup Red Band is a New Zealand icon. Easy to slip on and off and fully waterproof.

Please see sizing guidance at the bottom of this page.

£58.99 (£49.16+VAT)


The original Skellerup Red Band calf length gumboots. Worn by 80% of farmers in New Zealand, these calf length gumboots are a Kiwi favourite. Quick to put on and comfortable to wear, Redbands provide a functional level of protection without being as cumbersome as a full length knee boot.

  • Cotton canvas lining
  • External rubber toe cap and band for extra protection
  • Heavy duty, non clog, cleated rubber sole
  • 5mm Genuine rubber latex sponge insole
  • Full rubber cladding formulated for agriculture
  • Mid-calf length boot


Skellerup boots are known for being a large fit. We always recommend purchasing a size lower than your normal shoe size in Skellerup footwear. E.g. A Skellerup size 9 fits like a UK 10.

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