Bekina StepliteX S5 Thermoprotec Welly

The Bekina StepliteX S5 Thermoprotec Welly is an extremely lightweight, thermal insulating, safety boot featuring a polycarbonate toe cap and midsole.

This boot replaces the Steplite XCi model.

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The Bekina StepliteX S5 Thermoprotec Welly is a cold insulating safety boot that features a polycarbonate toe cap and midsole. The use of non-metallic materials in the boot means it remains incredibly lightweight despite the addition of a toe cap and midsole.

As well as being lightweight, the StepliteX S5 Thermoprotec is thermally insulating, providing the wearer with comfort down to -40oC. This is in part down to the insulating properties of the newly developed sole, featuring a rugged tread pattern and large aggressive tread blocks.

  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate toe cap and midsole (Conforms to  EN ISO 20345:2011)
  • Slip resistant, heavy duty sole
  • High quality polyurethane
  • Thermally insulating, comfort down to -40oC
  • Rear kick spur for easy removal


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