Vink Hoofcare Spray Mat

An effective way to help keep hooves clean and healthy

£2460.00 (£2050.00+VAT)


While crossing the Hoofcare SprayMat, hoofs are automatically sprayed with clean liquid. The mat, which requires virtually no maintenance, can be left in a permanent position as it is not an obstacle to animals. The Hoofcare SprayMat is ideally positioned at the exit of a parlour where animals can cross it a number of times a day.

Reduces labour costs:-

  • Medication does not get contaminated
  • Suitable for any operation including robotic
  • An ideal solution for contagious hoof diseases
  • Ensures all hoofs are disinfected several times per week
  • Medication is consistently applied to the correct areas
  • Provides an effective and economical use of consumables.