Vink Rotating Cattle Brush

The Vink Rotating Cattle Brush is an adjustable height cattle brush that allows cows to scratch safely indoors.

£2220.00 (£1850.00+VAT)


The Vink Rotating Cattle Brush is a mains powered rotating brush suspended from the ceiling. The electric motor is housed in the brush axle and features an elastic suspension.

The brush adjusts to the height of the animal and will also brush the sides of an animal within a reach of 50cm

Animals trigger the brush to rotate by brushing against the nylon bristles. This causes the brush to rotate clockwise for several rotations and then anticlockwise. The results of the change in rotation and the elastic suspension are:

  • Animals tails are prevented from being wrapped up in the brush mechanism
  • The life of the cylindrical brush is extended
  • The animals are prevented from using the brush too forcefully or potentially damaging the brush.

The Vink motorised cattle brush can be used anywhere in the barn and doesn't need excessive space to be operated. The brush is suspended using the chains that are supplied with the kit, and by using nylon bristles instead of polypropylene, the life of the brush is significantly extended.

The Brush diameter is greater than the length of a cows tail, which further prevents animals becoming entangled. Should the brush encounter resistance, the motor automatically stops, preventing damage or injury.

The Vink motorised cattle brush carries a 2 year guarantee on the mechanism, and a 5 year guarantee on the nylon brush.