Shoof Liftease Cattle Lifter

The Shoof Liftease Cattle Lifter is designed to provide improved comfort and support for downed cattle.

£348.85 (£290.71+VAT)


The Shoof Liftease cattle lifter has been developed to improve usability and effectiveness over existing sling-lift devices.

We always keep cattle lifters in stock - If you require one quickly please call us on 01335 347788, Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5pm.

Shoof Liftease is designed to increase cow comfort when downed by preventing and reducing sweating inside fully-enclosed slings. If used for longer periods, this can sometimes lead to skin ulcers and hide damage. The Shoof liftease straps each have three lift loops to give variation of lift height. These loops are designed to fit on your silage fork and are less likely to slip than metal hooks. Liftease is designed to lift up to 2,000kg without risk and can also be used for horses, making it the perfect sling lifter for your livestock.

Shoof Liftease Cattle Lifter Features:

  • Designed for comfort and easier lifting of large livestock.
  • Three lift loops per strap for variation of lift height.
  • Fits standard silage forks.
  • More slip resistant than metal forks.
  • Can lift up to 2000kg.
  • Suitable for lifting downed cattle or horses.

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