Handling & Restraining

A range of handling & restraining equipment for the safety of the animal or to protect the farmer.


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Shoof Liftease Hardware Kit

The Shoof Liftease Hardware Kit contains hooks for use...

£47.65 (£39.71+VAT)

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Shoof Liftease Cattle Lifter

The Shoof Liftease Cattle Lifter is designed to provide...

£278.70 (£232.25+VAT)

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Vink Cattle Hoist

The Vink Cattle Hoist is a hip bone clamp used to safely...

£145.00 (£120.83+VAT)

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Shoof Daisy Cattle Lifter.

The Shoof Daisy Cattle Lifter is a cattle sling lifter...

£330.00 (£275.00+VAT)

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Vink Cattle Head Support

The Vink Cattle Head support limits the cattle's...

£176.40 (£147.00+VAT)

Out of stock

White Bull Show Halter

Optic white cotton halter for showing bulls. 24mm x 4.2M

£21.46 (£17.88+VAT)

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Show Cotton Sheep Halter

Cotton sheep & lamb halter, bright white show quality. ...

£5.50 (£4.58+VAT)

Out of stock

Natural Cotton Sheep Halter

  Adjustable sheep and lamb halter. White cotton, 1.8...

£5.12 (£4.27+VAT)

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Natural Cotton Bull Halter

24mm x 4.2M cotton bull halter

£17.64 (£14.70+VAT)

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Cotton Sheep Halter

A white cotton halter for lambs or sheep, perfect for...

£6.12 (£5.10+VAT)

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Cotton Calf/Sheep Halter

A white cotton halter for use on sheep or small to...

£9.54 (£7.95+VAT)

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Cattle Halter Cotton with ring.

Cattle Cotton Halter with ring  12mm x 3.6m

£8.16 (£6.80+VAT)

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Shoof Cattle Hobbles

Shoof Cattle Hobbles are a quick and simple cow hobbling...

£45.60 (£38.00+VAT)

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Economy Cattle Hobble

Economy cattle hobbe, linked with a chain and swivel

£18.41 (£15.34+VAT)

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Cow Hobble Nylon Heavy duty

Nylon heavy duty hobbles with 4" adjustable nylon leg...

£46.80 (£39.00+VAT)

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Leather Cow Hobbles

Leather Hobbles Strong leather linked by heavy chain...

£21.60 (£18.00+VAT)

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Bullring Nose Punch

Stainless steel bull ring nose punch

£18.00 (£15.00+VAT)

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Stainless Steel Bull Rings

*Clearance pricing only on 2.5" and 3"

From £2.10 (£1.75+VAT)

See the range

Copper Bull Rings

*Clearance pricing only available on 2.5 inch option

From £3.80 (£3.17+VAT)

See the range

Spring Hook 3"

Spring Hook 3"(75mm)

£1.87 (£1.56+VAT)

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Quick Release Kick Bar

Quick release kick bar, provides length adjustment even...

£55.00 (£45.83+VAT)

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Economy Kick Bar

Cow immobiliser/kick bar. Galvanised finish Spare end...

£11.16 (£9.30+VAT)

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Heavy Duty Cow Immobiliser.

Very strong kick bar with large diameter tubing and a...

£8.20 (£6.83+VAT)

Out of stock

Vink Rotating Cattle Brush

The Vink Rotating Cattle Brush is an adjustable height...

£2220.00 (£1850.00+VAT)

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Vink Spare Spring for Cattle Brush

  Spare spring for the Vink Cattle Brush. The...

£37.00 (£30.83+VAT)

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Vink Spare Cattle Brush

Replacement nylon brush for the Vink Cattle Brush. ...

£29.76 (£24.80+VAT)

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Vink Cattle Brush - Complete

A fixed vertical and horizontal cattle brush that your...

£134.40 (£112.00+VAT)

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Kawe Coaxer Model 21

  The latest animal coaxer from Kawe Features an...

£122.40 (£102.00+VAT)

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408062 - Cattle Coaxer Complete With Batteries

For easy movement of livestock. Robust construction,...

£81.00 (£67.50+VAT)

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Cattle Coaxer Extension Handle

Handle for Kawe coaxer. 26" or 660mm. The Kawe coaxer...

£31.60 (£26.33+VAT)

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Electric Cattle Coaxer (Coaxer Only)

For easy movement of livestock. Robust construction,...

£73.21 (£61.01+VAT)

Out of stock

Bull Holder Heavy Duty

Bullholder, heavy duty with coiled spring.

£6.40 (£5.33+VAT)

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Irish Pattern Bull Holder Tongs

Irish pattern bullholder tongs, 42cm long

£9.12 (£7.60+VAT)

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Bull Holder Hiatts No.1

Spring loaded, Hiatts No.1 Bullholder

£6.79 (£5.66+VAT)

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Bull Holder Tongs

Long handled bullholder tongs - 45cm

£12.41 (£10.34+VAT)

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Bull Collar

  Green Bull Collar, reinforced with leather. Fitted...

£10.60 (£8.83+VAT)

Out of stock


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