Halyard Sterling Nitrile Gloves

Halyard Sterling nitrile gloves are a cost effective, high dexterity nitrile glove, aimed at providing exceptional feel, while remaining tough.



Pack Size
£23.58 (£19.65+VAT)


Halyard Sterling Nitrile is designed to have the stretch of a latex glove, with the strength of a nitrile glove. 100% latex-free and packed in boxes of 200*, Sterling Nitrile is a cost effective solution to your disposable glove requirements. Sterling Nitrile is also manufactured to AQL 1.0, this means significantly lower critical defects than an AQL 1.5 or 2.0 glove.

  • Cleared for use in chemotherapy
  • Packed in boxes of 200 gloves*
  • AQL 1.0


*XL contains 170 gloves per box


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