Halyard Sterling Nitrile Gloves

Please see below for an update regarding the supply of nitrile examination gloves.

Halyard Sterling nitrile gloves are a cost effective, high dexterity nitrile glove, aimed at providing exceptional feel, while remaining tough.



Pack Size
£25.00 (£20.83+VAT)


As a result of extraordinary worldwide demand for nitrile gloves, the raw materials used in production as well as dramatically increased manufacturing costs, we have received significant price increases on Halyard nitrile examination gloves. While we have tried to absorb as many of these increases as we can, we have unfortunately reached a point where we can no longer continue to do so. We are assured that prices will be reviewed on a 3-monthly basis. 

Halyard Sterling Nitrile is designed to have the stretch of a latex glove, with the strength of a nitrile glove. 100% latex-free and packed in boxes of 200*, Sterling Nitrile is a cost effective solution to your disposable glove requirements. Sterling Nitrile is also manufactured to AQL 1.0, this means significantly lower critical defects than an AQL 1.5 or 2.0 glove.

  • Cleared for use in chemotherapy
  • Packed in boxes of 200 gloves*
  • AQL 1.0


*XL contains 170 gloves per box


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