Corston Barracide Film Forming Teat Dip

Corston Barracide is a low drip iodine based teat dip that disinfects teats and forms a protective film to prevent infection

From £83.40 (£69.50+VAT)


Corston Barracide is a low drip, film forming teat dip formulated using a blend of iodines. Corston Barracide is presented as a ready-to-use solution and contains glycerine and lanolin to help prevent this teat dip from dripping when used, limiting the amount of chemical wastage.

Corston Barracide uses a high performance emollient complex to help improve and maintain teat condition. The use of Corston Barracide will moisturise and keep teats supple, preventing cracking which can lead to mastitis.

Corston Barracide is a post milking dip that is to be applied immediately after cluster removal. After dipping, a film is left on the teat to provide longer lasting disinfection as the cow makes her way back to the field or bedding.

  • Efficacy tested to BSEN1656:2009
  • Available in either 25L, 200L or IBC
  • High quality teat dip

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