Ambic Flowfilter Complete

The Ambic Flowfilter is an alternative to disposable cotton filter socks and provides milk filtration through the use of two stainless steel filters. AF/010

£154.80 (£129.00+VAT)


The Ambic Flowfilter is a modern solution to milk filtration. The use of two stainless steel filter elements provides unsurpassed milk filtration along with long life and reliability.

  • Twin stainless steel filters that will not rust or corrode
  • Case with seamless construction and slip resistant grips
  • Designed and manufactured from the highest quality, chemical resistant materials
  • Superior filter complies with BS5190 and all EU standards
  • Fully compatible with all milking systems
  • Protects plate coolers from blockages
  • Proven over 20 years of service
  • Full range of spare parts available

Ambic code: AF/010