Wydale Twin Bucket Calf Feeder

The Wydale Twin Bucket Calf Feeder is a bucket feeder designed to straddle calf pens in order to feed multiple individually penned animals.

£57.00 (£47.50+VAT)


The Wydale Twin Bucket Calf Feeder is designed to teat feed calves in individual pens or for the farmer who rears a few calves a year. It can be hung from a rail to feed two calves in the same pen or to straddle the pen divider to feed one calf in each pen. Suitable for whole milk or milk replacer.


  • Capacity 6 litres per side
  • Weight 2 Kilos
  • Integral hangers with galvanised locking hooks
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from robust Polyethylene

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