Wydale 3 Calf Feeder

The Wydale 3 Calf Feeder is designed to provide a natural suckling position for the calves so that they can take on as much milk as possible without the risk of bloating.

£177.60 (£148.00+VAT)
Wydale Calf Feeder 3 Units c/w Teats


The Wydale 3 Calf Feeder is a gate mounted feeder that is designed both to provide a natural suckling position and to protect slow drinkers from other calves. The teats of the Wydale feeder are positioned to be level with the back of the calf, a similar height to the teats on an udder, making for a natural drinking position that helps to prevent bloating and indigestion.

The cowling that surrounds each teat guides the calf to the teat and provides a barrier that protects them from other calves who may have finished drinking quicker.

The compartments can each hold up to three litres of milk.

Measures 0.8m x 0.51m x 0.34m

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