Vink Calving Aid - 1.6m

The Vink Calving Aid is the only tool you need to make calving a quick and smooth process. The lightweight stainless steel Vink Calving Aid gives you all the leverage you need.

£286.88 (£239.07+VAT)


The Vink Calving Aid is designed to make calving as easy as possible. The unique stainless steel construction makes the Vink Calving Aid both lightweight and heavy duty, so it can deal with even the most difficult births without fatiguing the user. The non-slip head of the Vink Calving Aid makes it an easy to use, one man operated piece of equipment.

The Vink Calving Aid allows for tension to be directed either upwards or downwards, so you can pull calves out at the right angle for their position in the womb, making the process a lot easier and more gentle. The Vink Calving Aid also has a quick release feature, so you can easily stop calving if there is risk to the cow or calf.

The Vink Calving Aid's ratchet is long enough to provide sufficient leverage to pull the calf out and it is also strong enough to cope with the large forces involved in difficult calving.

The Vink Calving Aid has a 1.6m long shaft.