Vink 1.8m Calving Aid Alternate Leg Traction

The Vink Alternative Calving Aid is just the tool for dealing with difficult births, providing enough leverage to get the job done while remaining lightweight and gentle.

£422.99 (£352.49+VAT)
Vink Calving Aid, 1800mm, Alternate Leg Traction


The Vink Alternate Traction Calving Aid is a stainless steel calving aid with an alternate traction ratchet which allows for legs to be individually pulled for greater control over the calving process which will ultimately make it smoother and more straightforward.

The ratchet on the Vink Alternate Traction Calving Aid has a long handle which provides large levels of leverage and makes the calving process as easy as possible, giving you enough force to pull the calf out with little effort.

The Vink Alternate Traction Calving Aid has a 1.8 metre long, stainless steel pole and is built to be light while remaining strong enough for the task.