Superstart Calf Feeder Bottle

The Superstart Calf Feeder Bottle has been extensively developed and trialled to make sure it will perform as one of the top bottle feeders on the market.

£13.80 (£11.50+VAT)


The Superstart Calf Feeder Bottle is a robust calf bottle with a 2.5 litre capacity for bottle feeding young stock. The Superstart bottle has an integrated formed handle which makes it easy to hold during feeding. The rubber teats of the Superstart are designed to have the same texture and feel as the teats on a calf bar feeder, which helps to encourage transition away from bottle feeding.

The Superstart Calf Feeder Bottle was developed alongside extensive on farm trials, ensuring it is as suitable as possible and making it one of the best all round bottle feeders out there.