Milk Bar 5 Calf Compartment Feeder

The Milk Bar 5 Calf Compartment Feeder is a pen mounted calf feeder that helps to ensure all calves get enough milk to grow and thrive by making sure faster drinkers cannot take milk from slower calves.

£171.30 (£142.75+VAT)


The Milk Bar 5 Calf Compartment Feeder is perfect for ensuring calves receive the correct amount of milk in each feed. The Milk Bar system has 5 compartments, one for each calf, this ensures that all calves get a guaranteed volume of milk, so the smaller calves do not fall to far behind. This promotes better all round growth as the faster drinkers do not take milk away from slower calves.

The Milk Bar is both strong and Durable, so it can be left hanging on pen gates without the risk of being broken by a particularly energetic calf. The Milk Bar can feed up to 5 calves at a time and each compartment is 2.5 litres in volume.

The Milk Bar can be hung on anything from fencing wire up to 75mm bars.