Milk Bar 10 Calf Gate Mounted Feeder

The Milk Bar 10 Calf Free Standing Calf Feeder is a gate mounted feeder that allows calves to feed on their own schedule, much like they would if left with their mother. This promotes better growth and development as the calves can have as much or as little milk as they require.

£180.76 (£150.63+VAT)


The Milk Bar 10 Calf Gate Mounted Feeder lets you leave your suckling calves to feed in their own natural pattern, this promotes a more natural development as it is closer to what a calf would do if left with their mother. the Milk Bar feeder can store up to 60 litres of milk at a time and can be left hooked onto a pen gate for constant calf access.

The Milk Bar is built to be as strong and durable as possible, allowing you to confidently leave it in the cattle pen without fear of it being cracked or broken by the more energetic calves. The Milk Bar can feed up to 10 calves at a time.

The Milk Bar system is the closest thing to natural suckling that a calf can get.

The Milk Bar can be hung on anything from wire up to 75 mm bars.