Horn Up Rechargeable Dehorner

The Horn Up rechargeable dehorner is the perfect device for making your dehorning process easier and faster, while the long battery life means the Horn Up dehorner can keep up with your demands.

Horn Up
£312.00 (£260.00+VAT)


The Horn Up Rechargeable Dehorner is powered by the latest generation NiMH battery, one charge will dehorn over 40 calves and the battery has a lifespan of well over 4 years and 30,000 cycles.

The heating element of the Horn Up Dehorner reaches 700°C in just 1 second, and is held there for the entire 7 second cycle by the advanced microprocessor temperature management system. The Horn Up rechargeable dehorner is a perfect device for making the difficult process of dehorning swift and efficient while ensuring effective, humane treatment for the calves.

The Horn Up Dehorner is part of the complete dehorning and debudding range from Abbeydale Direct

  • Bud is removed and cauterised
  • Takes just 7 seconds per horn
  • Long battery life
  • Ready for use in just 1 second

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