Express Calor Type Gas Dehorner

The Express Calor Type Gas Dehorner is an easy to use and effective dehorner that operates on calor gas.

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The Express Calor Type Gas Dehorner is a quick and effective dehorning iron heated using calor type gas. It can be supplied either with or without a 2.4 metre gas hose, and can be used with the same gas hose supplied with both the straight and curved udder hair removers.

The Express Calor Type Gas Dehorner:

  • Reversible tip which can be used as either a 17 mm head or a 21 mm head
  • Versatility of use
  • Operates at 600°C
  • Quickly and effective dehorning and cauterising.
  • Supplied with an allen key which is stored in the ergonomic plastic grip.

Express are an ISO 9001 approved company and have been manufacturing high quality tools since 1905.

This is part of the complete dehorning range from Abbeydale Direct