Electric Milk Warmer

This Electric Milk Warmer removes the hassle of warming milk, allowing you to easily feed large numbers of calves on warm milk, which helps in their development.

£266.60 (£222.17+VAT)


The Electric Milk Warmer is designed to gently heat up to  100 litres of milk from 17oC to 37oC in around an hour, this will allow you to feed your calves warm milk without the hassle usually associated with heating milk. Calves are proven to do better on warm milk, they grow at a faster rate and develop a much higher resistance to disease; so a simple and effective milk warmer is a must have item.

To warm milk using the Electric Milk Warmer, simply immerse the warmer in milk to the correct depth, set the thermostat and connect to an electrical supply.

The heating element of the milk warmer is coated in PTFE offering several advantages; it has non-stick dirt resistant properties that make it very easy to clean, it is resistant to many chemicals including acid attack and it will prevent burning of the heating ring due to its tolerance of high temperatures.

The milk warmer is maintenance free with correct usage and storage.