DM Digital Semen Thaw Unit

£226.80 (£189.00+VAT)


DM Digital Semen Thaw Flask 220-240v AC with UK plug

It is very important that semen is thawed consistently at the right temperature of 35 – 38 °C (95°F) and for the correct amount of time of 45 seconds. If this does not take place then the percentage of sperm will die long before they ever see a cow, this has even greater consequences for sexed semen and older straws which prefer a slightly higher temperature at 37°C, higher than the normal semen 35-36°C.


DM Digital Thaw unit uses a stainless steel flask – built for long life and for the first time you can vary the temperature with a digital readout.

Comes complete with thaw basket, screw on lid and power supply lead.



2 year no quibble warranty.


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