Adapt-A-Bottle Standard Calf Feeder Bottle with Plastic Probe and Teat

Adapt-A-Bottle Standard Calf Feeder is a standard 2 litre calf feeding bottle which has been adapted for colostrum and electrolytes.

£23.40 (£19.50+VAT)


The Adapt-A-Bottle Standard Calf Feeder is a standard calf feeder bottle that has a capacity of 2 litres and which has been adapted to be better suited for feeding electrolytes and colostrum. after a difficult birth, many calves may be lacking hydration or vital nutrients that they need to get through their first few hours, this is where the Adapt-A-Bottle comes in.

The Adapt-A-Bottle is much better suited for colostrum, which provides high levels of essential nutrition, and electrolytes, which promote water retention and hydration.

The probe allows the Adapt-A-Bottle to deliver its contents right into the oesophagus of the calf, which is useful for treating weaker calves that may not be able to suckle properly. The Adapt-A-Bottle also comes with a high quality rubber teat which promotes the rapid uptake of more natural teat feeding