Whiplash™ Stainless Steel Stomach Tube 200cm

The Whiplash™ Stainless Steel Stomach Tube is perfect for the delivery of high volume oral fluids to ruminants.

£288.00 (£240.00+VAT)
Whiplash Stainless Steel Smomach Tube 200cm


The flexible Stainless Steel construction of the Whiplash™ Stainless Steel stomach tube allows it to bend and flex, making it both easier to use and causing less discomfort for the animal. The Whiplash™ stomach tube has a highly polished bulb with end and side exit ports for smooth delivery of fluids. The large diameter of the Whiplash™ stomach tube means that there is a free flow of fluids which delivers the fluids faster and smoother.

The long 200cm Whiplash™ stomach tube can completely enter the rumen and allows for high volume fluid delivery. The Whiplash™ stomach tube is also compatible with a variety of pumps for ease of use.