VetLite Casting Tape

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Vet-Lite orthopaedic tape is used for the splinting or casting of cats, dogs, lambs, calves, goats and more.

Lightweight and high strength, Vet-Lite sets in 3-4 minutes and is load bearing after 15-20 minutes. Rolls are used by heating in warm water until soft and then wrapping around the afflicted area to create a cast or splint. Vet-Lite is easily cut whether hot or cold and is unaffected by water, urine or faecal matter once set.

Vet-Lite is a composition of natural large mesh cotton barriers, impregnated with a thermoplastic, biodegradable non toxic resin. It is X-ray translucent and unaffected by repeated heating or reshaping. Reforming or reshaping is easily achieved with the use of a heat gun, or by softening again in hot water. Vet-Lite doesn't stick to fingers and does not require the use of gloves.

Vet-Lite has a weight to strength ratio far higher than plaster cast bandages, giving increased mobility and comfort.

Available in either 2", 3", 4" or 6" widths.