Nutri-Scour Gel Power Scour Treatment (1kg)

The Nutri-Scour gel powder scour treatment restores and reinvigorates and restores calves suffering from scour.

£16.00 (£16.00)
Nutri-Scour Gel Power (10 Calf)


The Nutri-Scour gel powder scour treatment provides electrolytes and energy to treat the symptoms of scour in calves. The Nutri-Scour powder contains sodium potassium and chlorides in order to quickly restore the electrolyte balance for rapid rehydration. The Nutri-Scour also contains swelling agents which allows stools to form and helps expel pathogenic bacteria.

The Nutri-Scour gel powder also contains pre-biotics and pro-biotics which restores the gut to health and aids in the recovery of the calf.