Nettex Bit Wipes

Nettex Bit Wipes are a hygienic, easy way to remove the build-up of dirt and other debris from the bit rings and mouthpieces with a palatable taste.

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Nettex Bit Wipes encourage salivation and acceptance of the bit, and are very good for introducing young horses to bits, and to relax bit-shy horses. Nettex Bit Wipes are also perfect for cleaning the bit without leaving an unpleasant taste in the horses mouth. Available in either apple or peppermint, Nettex Bit Wipes can be chosen to suit the preferences of your horse.


  • For Bit Cleaning: For best results wipe the bit thoroughly all over after removing the bridle. This will remove any saliva and debris easily and quickly before it dries on the mouthpiece of the bit, bit rings, shanks of the bit and curb chains.
  • For introducing the bit, bit shyness and mouthing: Before trying to place the bit in a horse’s mouth for the first time or if the horse is bit shy, gently rub a wipe around the outside of the horse’s lips, this will encourage the horse to lick its lips and relax before introducing the bit to the horse’s mouth. With a fresh wipe, rub all over the mouth piece of the bit as the taste will encourage the horse not only to accept the bit but will also encourage the horse to play and mouth the bit causing salivation so making acceptance more pleasurable for the horse.