Nettex Biotin Plus

Biotin Plus delivers 50mg of Biotin per feed, combined with other selected ingredients to help strengthen horses weak and brittle hooves and to maintain and promote healthy hooves.

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  • Biotin – Plays an essential part in healthy Hoof growth & is necessary to achieve consistent improvement.
  • Methionine – Builds sturdiness & resiliency to the hoof wall structure.
  • Zinc & Manganese: Two minerals that support in the formation of Keratin & collagen that are vital for sustaining healthy skin, hair, cartilage, bone & hooves.
  • Zinc is vital for correct horn growth – many Equine diets may be deficient in Zinc.
  • Lysine –Supports energy metabolism so your horse receives maximum absorption from his diet.
  • Vitamins A & D3 – These are incorporated for general health & tissue formation. Vitamin D3 also assists Calcium Metabolism that is vital for healthy horn growth.
  • MSM – Is an essential component to support healthy connective tissue especially if poor quality.
  • Hoof growth will take up to 9 months for overall healthy horn to grow so visible results will not be seen short term but over a period of months as the hoof wall starts to grow.
  • It is important to feed Biotin on a regular basis especially if they suffer from weak and brittle hooves. Biotin Everyday with added Vitamins and minerals delivers 15mg of Biotin per feed so can be used as a maintenance after Biotin Plus has improved Hoof condition initially.
  • Biotin plus & Biotin Everyday can be used in conjunction with Summer hoof in the summer to maintain moisture content of hooves preventing cracking & splitting.
  • Traditional Hoof Balm can be applied in the winter months to help prevent the hooves crumbling and becoming to soft

Horses up to 15 hands: feed 30gm per day for mixed with feed.
Ponies up to 14.2 hands: feed 20gm per day.
Horses over 15 hands: feed 40gm per day.