Med-Eze Bovine Stomach Pump (200cm tube)

The Med-Eze Bovine Stomach Pump is the universal pump for delivery of liquid nutrients and medicants.

£420.00 (£350.00+VAT)
Med-Eze Bovine Stomach Pump (200cm tube)


The Dairymac Med-Eze Stomach Pump and Stainless Steel Stomach Tube assembly is a high quality unit designed by a veterinarian in the USA for ease of use, durability and rapid cleaning.

Large volumes of liquid can be pumped quickly with the minimum of effort.

  • Leak proof pump
  • Durable stainless steel construction eliminates corrosion
  • Easy and consistent draw for delivery of product
  • Reduces arm and shoulder fatigue
  • Three strokes delivers 1 litre
  • Reversible for removal of stomach contents
  • Includes pump and hose adapter
  • Includes 2m whiplash stainless steel stomach tube and nose clamp
  • Durable 2 metre long rubber hose to connect to pump with probe
  • Precise volume delivery
  • Years of use guaranteed