Farm-O-San Reviva (Formerly Maxcare Reviva)

Farm-O-SanReviva is a rivivng drink for freshly calved cows formulated to give the cow the boost it needs to return to full strength.

From £50.00 (£50.00)


Farm-O-San Reviva (formerly Maxcare Reviva) is a specially formulated reviving drink designed to provide newly calved cows with electrolytes and fluid lost during calving. Cows are able to recover considerably quicker due to the combination of electrolytes, glucose, vitamins and minerals that Farm-O-San Reviva provides. For best results, ensure that Farm-O-San reviva is available immediately after calving, before ad libitum intake of water.

Farm-O-San Reviva also provides calcium, to avoid short term calcium gaps that can lead to milk fever.

  • Replenishes lost fluids
  • Provides electrolytes and nutrients
  • Reduces the risk of milk fever
  • Contributes to a healthier cow
  • Highly palatable