Dalechem AlcoRub Gel Hand Sanitiser

Dalecheam AlcoRub is a colourless gel with a high alcohol content, designed to sanitise hands.

Pelican pump feature means you are able to decant into smaller hand sized bottles if required. Ideal to have in the car, in your bag or at home.

£6.00 (£5.00+VAT)


Sold in a 500ml bottle with dispensing pump, AlcoRub Gel is a theatre grade, alcohol based hand sanitiser gel that is specifically formulated for use in healthcare and veterinary applications.

Apply 5ml to the hands or skin and rub thoroughly for 30 seconds or until dry.

  • AlcoRub gel contains
    • CAS No. 64-17-5 Ethanol
    • CAS No. 18472-51-0 Chlorhexidine digluconate
  • Ethanol content between 50% and 70%
  • 500ml self dispensing bottle