Corston Corcide Disinfectant

Biocidal and virucidal, concentrated disinfectant. 5L makes 500L of disinfectant at a 1% dilution rate.

£41.99 (£34.99+VAT)


A highly effective combined detergent-disinfectant approved to the BS EN1276 standard for bactericidal performance. In clean conditions this test is passed at 0.25% and in dirty conditions, at 1% Corcide can be used as a single stage cleaner disinfectant but on surfaces which have been cleaned it can be used a Terminal Disinfectant at lower concentrations. Corcide has a low odour and is free-rinsing so it can be considered as being foodsafe.

Apply by low pressure sprayer, by high presure washer, by mop and bucket or by immersion in a dip tank. The longer the contact time the more effective the cleaning a biocidal action.

Corcide is also virucidal and effective in killing viruses on a variety of surfaces.