Swanndri Rhino Stormshield Jersey

The windproof jersey from Swanndri available in navy blue.

£130.00 (£108.33+VAT)


The beautifully made Swanndri Rhino jersey is made from 70% shetland style wool and 30% nylon blend with a 100% windproof Hydrotex lining. The double layered knit and tough nilon-rich outer layer means this is a jersey that does not compromise in strength or durability. With a ribbed, elasticated cuff and waistband and fleece lined zip collar, you'll be protected from the elements and ready to go.

Swanndri Rhino Jersey Features:

  • 70% Shetland style wool (30.5 microns)
  • 30% Nylon Blend with Hydrotex Lining
  • Double layer knit construction
  • Tough nylon-rich outer layer with soft wool inner layer
  • Uncompromising strength and durability
  • Ribbed & Elasticated cuff and waistband
  • Fleece lined zip collar
  • 100% windproof Hydrotex lining