Sealskinz Solo Quickdry Mid Length Sock in Grey

Versatile protection mid length socks with breathability and temperature regulation in Grey, White and Red.

£12.50 (£10.42+VAT)
Colour Grey


A lightweight single layer sock, the Sealskinz Quickdry Mid Length Socks are designed to provide the perfect balance of breathability and temperature regulation in both warmer and cooler weather.

Sealskins Solo Mid Length Quickdry Socks Features:

  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Quick drying Polycolon®.
  • Mid length for added protection.
  • Antimicrobial for odour control.
  • Provides the right balance of moisture control, insulation and comfort.
  • Anti-blister.
  • Temperature regulating.

Wet feet can lead to all sorts of issues outdoors including numbness and blisters. Sealskinz Solo QuickDry Mid Length Socks will keep you protected, dry, and comfortable from late autumn hikes to summer rides on the trail.

Quick drying Polycolon® gives our Solo QuickDry Mid Length Socks their incredible water repellency. This performance yarn rapidly wicks moisture away from your feet keeping you dry while also being water repellent to act as a barrier from the outside. This technology keeps you dry and prevents friction which eliminates those nasty blisters.

The Solo QuickDry socks maintain an ideal temperature in both cool and warm conditions while their natural antimicrobial properties within the fibres of the fabric keep you odour free. Use them alone in warmer weather or as a base layer when it’s colder outside.