Sealskinz Water Resistant Cold Weather Bobble Hat

Warm, water resistant bobble hat with cold weather protection. In Red/Blue/Grey/Red

£20.00 (£16.67+VAT)
Colour Red


A great all-around winter hat, the Sealskinz Water Repellent Cold Weather Bobble Hat is designed to keep you comfortable and warm during cold and damp days. Perfect for early morning walks, chilly autumn hikes, and walking around town during colder temperatures.

Sealskinz Water Resistant Bobble Hat Features:

  • Water repellent and incredibly breathable.
  • Micro-fleece liner for added warmth and moisture control.
  • Suitable for colder temperatures.
  • Acrylic outer fabric for durability and stretch.
  • Teflon EcoElite coating for excellent water repellency.

Not only is a cold and wet head a nuisance, but losing all that body heat can make you feel even colder than you actually are. The Water Repellent Cold Weather Bobble Hat will keep you dry, warm, and protected in the worst wet weather.

Using a double layer construction, the lightweight Water Repellent Cold Weather Bobble Hat keeps you comfortable and insulated. Using an acrylic outer fabric treated with a Teflon EcoElite coating, this hat will provide stain and water resistant protection. This repellent layer works by acting as a shield that provides excellent water repellency without impacting performance. Additionally, a micro-fleece inner liner keeps your head warm and toasty.