La Siesta Paloma Olive Double Hammock

The La Siesta Paloma is a double hammock handcrafted in South America.

La Siesta
Olive Green
£75.00 (£62.50+VAT)


The La Siesta Paloma Olive Double Hammock is handmade using high quality, long fibre cotton, making it soft, strong and easily cleaned. A strong heavyweight cotton construction makes the Paloma suitable for two people, with a maximum weight capacity of 160Kg.

The La Siesta Paloma has a large number of suspension cords, which improves weight distribution. Reinforced edges help to prevent tearing.

  • Bed Width - 160 cm
  • Total Length - 350 cm
  • Cloth Length - 230 cm
  • Minimum Suspension Distance - 310 cm
  • Maximum Weight - 160 kg

The Paloma Hammock is machine washable, however it is recommended that you bind the suspension cords together first to avoid tangling.