Halyard Minor Procedure Fenestrated Drape 89207

Minor procedure fenestrated drape measuring 122cm x 152cm. 7cm diameter fenestration and reinforced zone.

Pack Size
40 pcs
122cm x 152cm
£132.00 (£110.00+VAT)


Halyard Minor Procedure Fenestrated Drape constructed from SMS spunbond material, measures 122cm x 152cm. 7cm diameter fenestration with a 31x31cm Control* Fabric Reinforcement. Positioning tape helps secure the drape to the patient, preventing the drape from moving and creating a sterile area to work.

Packed in a case of 40 sterile drapes.

Halyard code - 89207



When you choose Halyard Surgical Gowns, Drapes and Packs you can be assured that you are selecting products that use innovative fabric technology and design to provide excellent strike-through resistance along with comfort. Halyard is committed to providing quality products that help reduce the toll infections take on patients, clinicians and facilities, assisting you in delivering optimal care.

Halyard Drapes are all made from Halyard’s own SMS material, which consists of 3 layers of polypropylene to form a spunbond, meltblown, spunbond material.

The spunbond outer layers provide exceptional strength and durability, while the middle meltblown layer provides an effective barrier to bacteria and liquids. Halyard’s SMS material has a low lint level, reducing the risk of contamination in the operating room.

Halyard drapes are fluid, flame and abrasion resistant.

Positioning tape used on the back of Halyard Drapes provides a seal between the prepared surgical site and the sterile drape, to create a sterile area and further reduce the risk of infection.