Halyard Microcool* Breathable Impervious Surgical Gowns - Large/Extra Long

Halyard Microcool* Breathable Surgical Gowns are impervious and provide the highest level of fluid resistance.

Pack Size
30 pcs
Large - Extra Long
£432.00 (£360.00+VAT)


Halyard Microcool* Surgical Gowns are impervious and provide the highest level of fluid resistance. They feature a patented microporous material that provides proven protection against bacteria, blood and bodily fluids, while allowing moisture vapour to permeate the 3 layer non-woven fabric. This is achieved through the use of a strong yet thin layer of breathable film, enclosed between two layers of soft, non-woven material.

Halyard Microcool gowns also feature Secure-Fit technology, helping to reduce glove slip-down. Secure-Fit* adds a coating to the wrists of each sleeve on the Mircocool surgical gown, helping keep gloves in place, protecting both the patient and surgeon.

• Halyard Microcool Gown meets the AAMI Level 4 Liquid Barrier Standard (i.e., meets ASTM 1671 standard for resistance to bacteriophage penetration within Critical Zones)

• The gown fabric meets ASTM F1670 for resistance of materials used in protective clothing

• The gown also meets the European Norms (EN ISO 22610) for resistance to wet microbial penetration

• Meets the ISO standard for ignition resistance (ISO11810-1 Class l1-21 – No ignition)

• Meets ASTM D4966 for abrasion resistance and produces fewer than 20 particles of link at the 10-micron level on the Gelbro lint test

• Microcool fabric allows moisture vapour to pass through almost instantly, compared to competitive gown materials, as measured by the Moisture Vapour Transfer test.

• Raglan sleeves

• Adjustable neckline

Halyard code - 41000

Size - Large
Length - 145cm