Churrasco 8 Inch Wide-Blade Carving Knife

The Churrasco 8 Inch Wide-Blade Carving Knife is a beautifully crafted carving knife that is perfect for cutting barbecued meats.

8 Inches
£8.40 (£7.00+VAT)


The Churrasco 8 Inch Wide-Blade Meat Carving Knife is a fine carving knife made in Brazil, where barbecues go above and beyond just being a way to cook food, where they are a way of life. The sharp, stainless steel blade of the Churrasco Carving Knife is capable of cutting through meat with ease, while also holding its keen edge.

The Churrasco Meat Knife is one of the must have knives for people who are seriously into their cooked meats.

The high quality finish of the Churrasco Carving Knife's wooden handle makes it extremely comfortable to use and gives it a rustic yet professional look.


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