Kamado Joe Junior

The Kamado Joe Junior is a versatile barbecue grill allowing for the cooking of a wide variety of foods.

Kamado Joe
£399.00 (£332.50+VAT)


The Kamado Joe Junior is a smaller version of the original ceramic grill from Kamado Joe. The Kamado Joe is incredibly versatile, allowing you not only to grill or smoke food, but also to cook pizza on a pizza stone, bake bread or even roast joints of meat. This is down to the excellent heat retention properties of the ceramic construction.

The Kamado Joe Junior features include:

  • Height adjustable stainless steel rack
  • Ceramic heat deflector
  • Easily portable (30.8Kg)

Temperatures of up to 400oC can be achieved with the Kamado Joe by way of airflow control. A set of inlet and outlet valves ensure accurate temperature control and the built in thermometer allows you to quickly and accurately monitor the internal temperature.

  • Constructed of high heat and fire resistant ceramic
  • Stainless steel grill grates
  • Sprung lid, allowing easy lifting and "stay put" opening
  • Cast iron fixtures
  • Includes cast iron base, with grab handles for easy movement
  • Capable of grilling, roasting, smoking and baking all varieties of food


  • Kamado Joe Junior: 16" w x 22" h x 20¾" d
  • Cooking surface: 13.5" diameter/148.5 sq in
  • Weight: 30.8Kg