Fornetto Wood Fired Oven

The Fornetto Wood Fired Oven is a premium outdoor oven which gives food a deliciously authentic wood fired taste.

£1050.00 (£875.00+VAT)


The Fornetto Wood Fired Oven is a beautifully made wood fired pizza oven. With features you would expect to see on an indoor oven, and a choice of colours, the Fornetto wood fired oven is not only stylish, but makes outdoor cooking quick and simple.

Features include:

  • Solid cast iron doors
  • Stainless steel oven interior
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Separate fire chamber
  • Detachable smoker box
  • Condiment shelf
  • Wood storage tray
  • Lift-up side shelf

The built-in thermometer on the oven door allows quick and accurate monitoring of the temperature inside the oven. Adjusting the temperature inside the oven is done through air flow control. Three valves on the front of the oven allow you to control the inlet flow and a handle on the external chimney allows you to control the flow of smoke from the oven.

The oven internals feature stainless steel fittings, multiple sliding height adjustable shelves and ceramic pizza stone for maximum heat retention.

The separate fire chamber features a removable ash tray, allowing for quick and easy lighting and also hassle free removal of ashes.


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