Bradley Smoker Smoke Generator

The Bradley Smoke Generator is a versatile piece of equipment that can readily turn a small structure into a brilliant smoke house.

Bradley Smoker
£177.60 (£148.00+VAT)


The Bradley Smoke Generator is a highly adaptable unit that allows you to retrofit almost any small structure into a smoke house. The Smoke Generator is made from stainless steel, and fulfills the same purpose as the smoke generator which is fitted to the Original Bradley Smoker and the Bradley Digital Smokers - advancing the bisquettes onto the heat element at a rate of one every twenty minutes.

The Bradley Smoke Generator is equipped with a stainless steel face-plate that has an adjustable collar onto which the smoke generator fits by means of two lugs. This makes for easy removal of the generator from the face-plate, allowing for easy cleaning and storage. The intention is that the face-plate remains attached permanently to the structure used for smoking.


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