Heat Holders® Boot Length Thermal Socks

The Heat Holders® Boot Length Thermal Socks hold warm air close to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer and making it the ultimate thermal sock™.

Heat Holders
£11.50 (£9.58+VAT)


Heat Holders® Boot Length Thermal Socks are thermally insulated socks that hold warm air close to the skin, ensuring your feet stay warm and comfortable. Heat Holders® are one of the best value and warmest socks on the market, with a TOG rating of 2.3.

Heat Holders® thermally insulated socks are made with a unique brushing technique that not only provides extra warmth, but also makes the inside of the sock unbelievably soft and comfortable.

Heat Holders® socks are the perfect choice for a warm winter sock.

The 3 Stage Warmth technology of the Heat Holders® thermally insulating sock provides unparalleled levels of heat retention.

  • Stage One
    • Heat Holders Yarn™ - This specially developed yarn provides high levels of thermal insulation while retaining superior moisture breathing abilities.
  • Stage Two
    • Heat Holders Loops™ - Patented knitting technology produces long looped cushion pile that can hold in more air, increasing the TOG rating.
  • Stage Three
    • Heat Holders Brushing™ - The expert brushing technique used in the production of Heat Holders maximises the warm air held by the sock for complete warmth and comfort.

Heat Holders® Boot Length Thermal Socks are composed of: 58% acrylic, 36% Polyester, 5% Nylon and 1% Elastane.