Skellerup Red Band Knee Length Gumboot

Skellerup Red Band Gumboots are an iconic New Zealand boot. Easy to slip on and off, fully waterproof.

£58.99 (£49.16+VAT)


The Red Band Gumboot is a Kiwi icon. Redbands have been a best seller in New Zealand since 1958 and worn by generations. The non clog cleated sole prevents clumps of mud sticking to the underside of the boots and forming a slick surface. 


  • Cotton canvas lining
  • External rubber toe cap and band, for extra protection
  • Heavy duty, non clog, cleated rubber sole
  • 5mm genuine rubber latex sponge insole
  • Full rubber cladding formulated for agricultural use
  • Rubber/canvas reinforced mid vamps
  • Fitted rear kick lug
  • Extra stiff counter for ankle support
  • Available in knee of calf lengths

Sizing information:
Please be aware that the Red Band Gumboots do fit a size larger than normal. We recommend ordering a size down from what you would normally wear.

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